The Lord's Supper

Richard Sherrod

Responsible for the practical support of all communion services held in the Church. This includes the preparation of the elements of the Lords Supper as well as the securing of the utensils used in the Lords Supper service. This team is responsible for coordinating and contacting deacons who are to help serve during the Lords Supper service.


Richard Sherrod & Dave Hopkins

Responsible of the practical support of the baptismal services held in the church. This includes preparing the baptistery; staffing the dressing areas to assist the candidates; cleaning up the baptistery area following the service; and making sure robes are washed and put back in place. This team is responsible for contacting baptism candidates prior to the service.


Prayer Room

Stephen Shell

During our morning worship time we have a group praying for the needs of others and for prayer requests that are given that morning.


Dave Hopkins

The purpose of the Benevolence Ministry Team is to provide practical assistance (funding, food, materials, supplies, etc.) and spiritual help to those church members or other members of the community who are experiencing critical financial or other needs that they have no immediate way to provide for themselves.


Don Grey

The purpose of the Grief Ministry Team is to communicate the compassion of the church family as the member faces grief from crises such as death, critical or terminal illness, divorce, job loss, etc., and to offer personal support during that time of crisis. This is a service of the church that helps church members face crisis situations, and provides assurance that the church family is supporting and thinking of them during their difficult time.

Greeter & Hospitality

Don Brosious & Larry Hutchens

The purpose for the Greeter & Hospitality Ministry Team is the general creation of an atmosphere of warmth and friendship, including a welcome to all visitors and guests, the introduction of guests to members.

Decision Counseling

Winston Collins

Responsible for assisting the pastor with those who make public spiritual decisions during the invitation of regular worship services or at special events. Will conduct basic counseling related to the persons decision and record information about the counselee and his or her decisions to be used for follow up purposes.

Hospital Visitation

Stephen Shell

The purpose of the Hospital Ministry Team is to provide spiritual or practical help that the patient or their family might need during the time of hospitalization. 

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New Members

Robbie Bates & Lorenzo Elam

To ensure that New Members become a vital part of the church as described in 1 Corinthians 12:12 (to grow in spiritual maturity).

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Safety & Security

Marshall McClellan

To help provide a safe and secure environment for our community to worship. This team patrols the campus to maintain safety and also has medical personnel to assist while waiting for an ambulance in the case of a medical emergency.